Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Experience & a BIG disappointment...

On Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer at Lancaster City YMCA's Race Against Racism.

My responsibilities included helping to set up the starting line & the finish line as well as clipping timing chips off of people's shoes.

I'm really enjoying getting to see all that it takes to put on a race. However, clipping timing chips, is not an easy job.

It's not easy if your scissors aren't sharp. It's not easy if the people made their chips too tight. It's not easy to avoid all the bodily fluids folks have lost at the finish line. But this experience made me even more thankful to all those who work so hard to put on these races.

What's the big disappointment you may ask? I volunteered at this race specifically so that I could be at the finish line for my good friend Stace's first race. The disappointment... I didn't see her once that day.

I didn't realize there would be over 3,000 folks participating so I didn't think about picking a place to meet up with her. And unfortunately she didn't have her phone with her. I'm glad though we'll both be running at a race together this weekend, the Turkey Hill Classic.

I was super excited though that my friend Julie found me after the race. Julie will be at this week's race with us too. The weather should be great. I can't wait.

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  1. Yes, I was sad not to find you, too!!! Tomorrow will be fun!