Sunday, April 18, 2010

What would I do without podcasts?

So I had a great afternoon run today. It's the longest one I've done in awhile and though it was no where near the longest run I've ever done it felt terrific to be out. I was out for a little over an hour and I'm so glad I had time to get out there today. There was a breeze, sunshine on the way home and temps of about 55.

But I think the thing that made it really enjoyable was what I was listening to. I'm telling you, I do not think I would be where I am today without running podcasts. I listen to several hours of running podcasts every week and I have learned so much. To give back just a little I'd like to begin sharing with you some of the stuff I listen to and what I think of it.

Today it was two of my new favorites, Running to Disney and Two Fit Chicks & a Microphone. I am already a big fan of Gordon (Running to Disney) and Carla & Shauna (Two Fit Chicks). Today I listened to Gordon in Episode 10 and the "Chicks" in Episode 2.

I don't know about you all but I really like to listen to podcasts in order. I enjoy hearing all their stories and really get to know the hosts.

Gordon is so really down to earth, he's down in Alabama, he's a professor and easy to listen to. I typically don't typically prefer the "run cast" type of podcast, but I think Gordon is inspiring. You should check him out. He's been podcasting a couple years I believe so there are plenty of episodes to listen to.

As a a female who runs, podcasts done by women are always a real treat. Carla & Shauna are a little newer to podcasting, although they are accomplished in their fields, Carla is a personal trainer and Shauna an author. The Chicks will be discussing a different fitness theme every episode. Today's theme was running. This episode as especially helpful to me. They interviewed Julia Jones, who I was unfamiliar with, but learned a ton from. She's run all over the world and trains hundreds of ladies to run in Italy. I look forward to learning more about what she does. She gave some great ideas in the podcast and will continue to serve as a "running expert" of sorts for the "Chicks". I look forward to hearing from her again. I also look forward to hearing about Carla's marathon training journey, especially as I'd like to run my own marathon someday.

These are just two of many great podcasts out there. I encourage you to check out

I hope to share more with you in the future as well as insights I gleen from articles, books and life experience.

I love to hear from you and welcome any feedback you might have.


  1. Thanks so much for the love! Since you've not yet listened to later episodes I won't tell you what's currently happening with my running ;)

    sounds like I need to check out Gordon too!


  2. Thanks very much for listening and for you kind words :)

  3. This is great Heidi! Will have to check out those podcasts, and appreciate the inspiration from you as well!

  4. Ooh I'll have to check those out. I usually listen to music, but I think this would be fun.