Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Tales of Two IKEAs

So I found out Thursday that there are 2 IKEA stores in the greater Philadelphia area. And I'm really glad I did. Let me explain why.

I tagged along with my coworker Kris to IKEA to pick up some furniture for some rooms at work. It ended up being good for her that I came as we had many carts and boxes to load and maneuver. Thankfully they did all fit in the car, but for a few moments we weren't sure if they would.

As it turns out the first IKEA in Conshohocken (the only IKEA I knew about) didn't have everything we needed and since my friend thought originally we were going to the Penn's Landing (downtown) IKEA we headed there next. And that's when the unexpected really began. I knew I'd have a great time with my friend but I didn't expect to find inspiration and motivation along the way.

As we headed into the city, I couldn't believe how excited I was. I saw 30th Street Station where we always arrive. I saw the path along the water my husband and I had walked on two falls prior. And the Art Museum where Kris and I started and ended our first half marathon last September, the ING Distance Run, now the Rock & Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon. We drove by the water and reminisced about miles 11 through 13. She was a great encouragement to me.

I didn't know we'd see any of that that day and it was such a treat. And it doesn't stop there.

We also got to have lunch and out of this world chocolate milkshakes at Chik-fil-A and a quick grocery stop at  Trader Joe's. These are two of my favorite places that we don't have near us in Lancaster County, PA.

The icing on the cake was driving through the city on Broad Street, where I had run my first distance run, the Broad Street Run in 2009.

Seeing all these familiar sights, now forever associated in my mind with running, just made me want to get out there and run. I can hardly wait to do another race in Philly. It's a great city for running and holds a lot of firsts for me. I highly recommend you check it out.

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  1. I love Philly. I'll take a day trip with you there anytime. :)