Friday, January 7, 2011

Sitting in the snow... thinking about Disney Running...

On this snowy Central Pennsylvania morning, I'm thankful for time to relax and get some things done around the house today... but after a quick look on Twitter I'm just a little bit jealous of all my internet running "buddies" running this weekend at Disney. Just wanted to wish luck to  & agyorke & . Have a blast, can't wait to hear how things go. Hoping one of these years my friend Kris and I will be able to join you all.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Turkey Trot for this Pregnant Lady...

So today the gym was calling my name. The "wintry mix" outside wasn't looking too appealing and I was thinking about all those folks I know that were out there running a 5k in Palmyra, PA in the yucky weather - way to go guys!

So recently I had accepted the challenge of 2 of my favorite guys Anthony & Stephen. Check them out here... They challenged all their listerners to get out there on Thanksgiving and do something.

So even though I'm about to start the 8th month of my first pregnancy at age 34 I decided to try to get in a 5k today. I knew it would be slow, but I was hoping for the best.

Well, I put the Gomers new season The Under 5 Strive Episode 2 on my iPod shuffle and got started. Here's the stats if you are interested... far from impressive but I did it and the best part as I was finishing the Gomers said in my ears, thanks for all of you out there that got out there and did something - it was a great feeling.

Distance 3.2 miles
Time 57:46 minutes
Calories Burned 295
Feet Climbed 28
Avg Speed 3.32/mph
Avg Pace 18:02 min/mile
Avg HR 113

Hope you all got out there and did something too! Thanks for the challenge Gomers and one of these days I'll get my blog post up about these guys. Where it all started for me... with the Gomers.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all remember how much we have to be thankful for.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hershey 1/2 Marathon: A Spectator's Race Report

Well, since at 5+ months pregnant I didn't feel ready to run this race, Baby K and I got up bright and early this beautiful fall morning and headed to Hershey. Today was the inaugural Hershey 1/2 Marathon in Hershey, PA.

It was a cool, breezy, sunny morning that got windy occasionally, especially at the finish line. It ended up selling out pretty early with between 2,500 - 3,000 runners (from what I've heard). I think HERCO (Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co.) did a good job with their first 1/2 marathon and I think overall the runners really enjoyed the race.

There were lots of great views on this race. The course went around and through HersheyPark, and by the following...
  1. Milton Hershey School's Catherine Hall
  2. The Giant Center
  3. Hershey's Chocolate World
  4. Down Chocolate Avenue under the Kiss Lights
  5. The Reese's plant on 422
  6. The Hershey Lodge
  7. The Hershey Medical Center
  8. Scenic Milton Hershey School property
  9. Hershey Country Club
  10. High Point Mansion, Milton Hershey's house
  11. The original Hershey's Chocolate Factory
  12. And so much more, finishing up with a run around the inside of the Hershey Stadium
It was great to see friends finish this race. One friend I grew up with in high school finished in 1:31. Very impressive! He's training for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Another friend Tanya, who just returned from a missions trip to Africa finished in just under 2 hours.

My friends Amy & Jen, who also happen to be twins , and Amy's husband Brad finished well too. It was the 2nd 1/2 marathon for the 3 of them. I am super proud of them. Way to go guys! 

One other friend finished her 1st 1/2 today. Yay Jenny!
The medals were pretty light in weight and were adorned by a chocolate colored ribbon. The front sported a Hershey's kiss and the back reminded racers that they were a part of history running in Hershey's 1st ever 1/2 marathon. 

I'm really glad I was able to be there even though I didn't run.

Finally, something funny I saw as I was leaving and thought I needed to take a picture of...

The "Welcome to Hershey" on the hill just off Hershey Park drive in front of Catherine Hall was an interesting backdrop for all the porta-pottys at the starting line. Almost like they said "Welcome to Hershey, yes, in case you're wondering we have plenty of porta-pottys".

Thursday, September 23, 2010

An announcement & An update

So you are probably wondering... "Heidi, where have I been??" Well, I have one of the best excuses in the world for my absence... my dear husband Nate and I are having a BABY!! I'm now in my 22nd week and things are going well. We're expecting the baby sometime around February 1, 2011. We are so thankful and can't wait to meet our little treasure. You can catch a glimpse of our cute little peanut below.

What does this little one mean for my running? Well, that's another great question. Unfortunately though, needless to say, I'm not accomplishing any running goals these days, not distance, not time, pregnancy has really thrown a wrench into the works. Not that I'm complaining. I feel very blessed.

The first few weeks of my pregnancy I ran. I can remember a certain early morning run with my friend Audrey, we did about 4.2 miles. It would've been late May. I remember wondering if I was pregnant during this run. I would have been. However, it wasn't until a good month later that I would find out.

And the week I found out, let me tell you, I couldn't manage any exercise. I felt very gross and was very tired for several weeks. I was napping after work and falling asleep on the couch before 9 pm every night. I was exhausted.

Thankfully those days are behind me, I have a lot more energy and I can't remember the last time I took a nap. However, I am well aware that I lost a good amount of fitness during those first weeks. I find myself out of breath at different times throughout the day and running up the steps isn't as fun as it used to be. My ever expanding size is something I'm noticing too.

I'm doing my best to keep walking and moving as much as possible. I've even gotten to the gym to lift weights a few times. Bottom line is I want to be strong for the marathon that delivering this baby will be. But knowing what I should be doing and getting it done is two different things.

This is definitely challenging but I am so thankful I managed the two 1/2 marathons in 2009. I feel like my body will be more resilient for what's ahead. I know it remembers how to get there again, I know it longs for the open road. I will get there again.

But in the mean time I'm going to enjoy this special season. My friend Kris always tells me there will be more runs, more races, we have many years left. And no matter how much time I have left, I am thankful. God is good, I'm am extremely blessed and I'll be back out there in no time.

But while I have this time, (I know all too soon, I won't have nearly the spare time I have now), I'm going to try to share some of these many thoughts and ramblings I have on running and life and loving every minute of it. I hope you'll join me as I continue this adventure we call life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Been Too Long...

Hi Gang! Wow! Its been too long. But I had such a delightful night I had to write and tell ya about it.

This evening the heat broke here in Central PA and I got to enjoy a lovely dinner outdoors with an old friend who was in from way out west. We grew up together and have been friends for probably close to 20 years. I hope my kiddos don't get into the trouble she and I did, we turned Hershey's Candy Lane and Park City upside down with our hijinks back in the day.

We had a blast talking about food, exercise, kids and so much more.

Her amazing blog was one of the things that inspired me to start my own blog and I wanted to be sure to share it with you.

She started her blog because we found she was spending so much of her time thinking about and preparing healthy food for her girls. Being a bit of a foodie myself I love it.

You can find it at... Quinoa and Corn Chips. Enjoy!

And I'm hoping as my schedule permits I'll be posting a lot more than you've seen from me lately. I apologize and will explain some more in posts to come.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Hour Match and it's NOT Over!

So as an avid tennis fan I'm of course following Wimbledon this week. I don't get to play as much as I like but I love the game. Ever since I played with my dad when I was little. I'll have to tell you sometime about my trip to Wimbledon.

What has taken my attention since yesterday? The world's longest tennis match is in progress right now. Today in England at the Wimbledon grand slam a young American John Isner and a Frenchman Nicolas Mahut will continue for a 3rd day a 1st round match that has broken all kinds of records. Longest match, longest set, most aces - and it's not over yet! These guys just must be emotionally exhausted. It's like they've played 2 full matches already. The first 4 sets took around 3 hours and the 5th set more than 7 hours.

With no tie breaker in the 5th set the set is tied at 59-59 -amazing! When I talked to my hubby on the phone yesterday afternoon he asked what I guessed the 5th set would be at, I guessed 18, then 24 then 30 and to see they have played almost 120 games in the final set... this is historic! No one has ever seen anything like it!

If you get a chance today check out the stats or better yet the match on ESPN2. I can't wait to see what happens and in case you're wondering, I'm definitely rooting for the American John Isner. Go USA!

This just in, check out this great Today Show Interview with John Isner

Oh and while we're at it. Great job US Men's Soccer Team on your big win!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tonight's Biggest Loser Marathon

So on tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser the final four contestants did a marathon. I haven't been watching this season but was glad I got to catch the marathon coverage tonight.

This is the 3rd season they've done a marathon and each of the seasons, even if I wasn't watching the show, I managed to catch the marathon coverage.

Again tonight, I was blown away by the results. Michael, at 299 lbs. finished in about 6 hours. But that's not all. Daris, a 25 year old who has lost 150 lbs. finished in 4 hours and 2 minutes - AMAZING! That's 9:35/mile! I am so impressed.

And all I can think is... wow, if these people can do it... can't I??

We'll see gang. Someday...?