Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Turkey Trot for this Pregnant Lady...

So today the gym was calling my name. The "wintry mix" outside wasn't looking too appealing and I was thinking about all those folks I know that were out there running a 5k in Palmyra, PA in the yucky weather - way to go guys!

So recently I had accepted the challenge of 2 of my favorite guys Anthony & Stephen. Check them out here... They challenged all their listerners to get out there on Thanksgiving and do something.

So even though I'm about to start the 8th month of my first pregnancy at age 34 I decided to try to get in a 5k today. I knew it would be slow, but I was hoping for the best.

Well, I put the Gomers new season The Under 5 Strive Episode 2 on my iPod shuffle and got started. Here's the stats if you are interested... far from impressive but I did it and the best part as I was finishing the Gomers said in my ears, thanks for all of you out there that got out there and did something - it was a great feeling.

Distance 3.2 miles
Time 57:46 minutes
Calories Burned 295
Feet Climbed 28
Avg Speed 3.32/mph
Avg Pace 18:02 min/mile
Avg HR 113

Hope you all got out there and did something too! Thanks for the challenge Gomers and one of these days I'll get my blog post up about these guys. Where it all started for me... with the Gomers.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all remember how much we have to be thankful for.


  1. Nice work Heidi! You're braver than I am!! I was supposed to go running with my sister Thursday morning, saw the weather and was like, "Ummmm, nope!". :o)