Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Hour Match and it's NOT Over!

So as an avid tennis fan I'm of course following Wimbledon this week. I don't get to play as much as I like but I love the game. Ever since I played with my dad when I was little. I'll have to tell you sometime about my trip to Wimbledon.

What has taken my attention since yesterday? The world's longest tennis match is in progress right now. Today in England at the Wimbledon grand slam a young American John Isner and a Frenchman Nicolas Mahut will continue for a 3rd day a 1st round match that has broken all kinds of records. Longest match, longest set, most aces - and it's not over yet! These guys just must be emotionally exhausted. It's like they've played 2 full matches already. The first 4 sets took around 3 hours and the 5th set more than 7 hours.

With no tie breaker in the 5th set the set is tied at 59-59 -amazing! When I talked to my hubby on the phone yesterday afternoon he asked what I guessed the 5th set would be at, I guessed 18, then 24 then 30 and to see they have played almost 120 games in the final set... this is historic! No one has ever seen anything like it!

If you get a chance today check out the stats or better yet the match on ESPN2. I can't wait to see what happens and in case you're wondering, I'm definitely rooting for the American John Isner. Go USA!

This just in, check out this great Today Show Interview with John Isner

Oh and while we're at it. Great job US Men's Soccer Team on your big win!!

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